Sunday, February 7, 2010


Another chance to get it right. Ideas have been budding since this year began. Soon they will begin turning into blossoms. Lately, these ideas crash into one another on some molecular level, forming new entities that chatter away all night. During their recess, they meet all the groups that play and torture me during what is supposed to be my dreamtime. There are the Food groups, the National Mint who has failed to print more money, the Animals-for-more-vet-visits group, the Work crisis group and so on. In waking state, I am obligated to sort them out, file them appropriately and pity myself.
 My daughter has put the "house" on a clean fresh eating plan. I do pretty well with my version of it and feel quite good. I was caught with four crackers and a wee bit of cheese and I do have a secret bag of malt balls in my office that was a gift and it would be rude to not enjoy them. I now wake and fall asleep (when I do) to the sounds of chopping and blending. The kitchen fairly explodes with color; beets, mangos, apples, carrots, rainbow chard..... I feel renewed by my diet; I am beginning; anew

As the photos suggest, my garden is on my mind. Overnight, my Plum tree began to blossom, signaling fruits of the garden to come. I am in anticipation and dread thinking of the upcoming spring. I will want to spend every last dollar that I don't have, on plants. I look forward to my evenings spent on my decks viewing the garden and plotting its future; Anew

Now, Jewelry meets Paper Arts. This blog is supposed to mention the Arts once in a while! I am enrolled in a Book Arts class. I surprised myself. It is a night class and I am well known to not go out at night at all. I am doing it! I am not entirely comfortable yet. I do not have the notoriety that I once had in my jewelry classes which were filled with people who I really liked and respected, but it is early days still. I am very excited about learning about making books, decorating them, writing in them and incorporating silver, brass or copper into them using cold connections. I can revive my printmaking and work on marbleizing paper and make paste paper and on and on. The possibilities are creating a state in me of Anew

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  1. well my dear friend, this is a hopeful post!
    I do have to answer your email (soon.) I'm bogged down with doctors appts and physical therapy and just plain catching up. All routine dr. stuff, no worries! Just getting established as a new patient in RI.

    I was watching a medical show not long ago and they talked about the dangers of being totally vegan. I know you'll sneak some fish and chicken in...good!

    I loved seeing your plum tree in bloom already. How I miss the smell of the central coast!

    I'll be anxious to see some of your new art projects, and hurray for you for getting to a new class!

    Love you and miss you,

    xoxo ~L~