Saturday, January 2, 2010


I awoke early to get a head start in my personal assignment to fill my day to the top with inspiration. I am trying to cram everything into one day.

I have been sulking because I take one week off per year from my landscaping business and again, spent it working on one thing or another, but not art, as I had planned and wished for.

This morning I read about creativity, other artists and took photos of the sky before the day began; good things. I take a new year seriously; at least for a few days and though I did not compose a long list of hopes, I did ask myself to rearrange the puzzle pieces in my life to accomodate more art, equating to more life. Running one's own business tends to be all consuming, but I think I can figure out some timing solutions by devising a new formula.

Mostly, I worry how to grasp inspiration and use it somehow. So much thrills me, paper, silver, can I put treasures together that are mine alone? The fragments are floating through actual and cyberspace; just out of my grasp.

I tend to keep to myself (with dogs) and realize that I do better in a workshop setting. People sharing is healthy. So, I need to find that enviornment, a dog (plural) sitter and maybe a walking partner (for walking in the woods for excersise; mentally & physically in tandem to discourage mountain lion advances!).

There are other things printed on my mental list for today, if only I can remember them!

By the way, this is my first blog; ever. It is still a mystery!


  1. Look at you!! Seems to me you've already accomplished setting up a blog. You've wanted to do that for quite some time. Bravo!

    I'll email you about a couple of blog things ;)

    Good start Tinker D! I'll be your first follower!


  2. hello catherine, while i was reading i was thinking 'take a workshop' for the structure and the support. and then viola! you say just that!

    i'll bet you this blog can/will become part of your art and inspiration. you'll find a creative wonderful community of people from all over the world. you have a good start via your connection with ms. studio lolo above.

    catherine, my name is kj and i am a writer who also likes to point and shoot. and mostly i am a fun good person. :)



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