Thursday, January 14, 2010

Backsliding with Cole the Cat

Here it is; mid January, and I feel like I am already slipping. I went through a self imposed "crash- course" in "Inspiration and its Follow Through" for the past 2 1/2 weeks. My head was spinning with delightful visions. Now they are all muddled, like the haphazard look inside my refrigerator. My house, the before-mentioned refrigerator, my stuff, my garden....are all topsy-turvey which make my head crazy.

I am trying to photograph or scan my jewelry for my Etsy site. It takes so much time! But, I am finding it interesting and I am accidentally learning. I simply need a far more uninterrupted schedule without that pesky work on site and at home! I have a ways to go. My task is incomplete and leaves me frustrated.

My office is strewn with Tulle and Italian papers to use as backdrops for the jewelry. I am trying to convey a sense of elegance and damask gowns and the rustling of silk, in my photos. You, my audience (if I have one) are politely smiling. In addition, I have an office mate, or mates. Usually, there are 3 small dogs and 2 cats. All but 1 are my daughter's. My big White Shepherd rarely comes up and never with the cats. My office is about 50 square feet. The dogs are lay-abouts and do not interfere, but the one cat, Cole, who is the size of a small tank, does his best. Given enough time, I alone, could break the fax machine, scanner and computer. However Cole, after tangling himself in the Tulle & biting off pieces of Italian paper, presses the speaker phone button and scrambles the conference lines to the phone/ fax, steps on the scanner; almost crushing it and proceeds to the computer keyboard getting a nail caught in the number 6 and coming close to deleting all my e-mails by highlighting them!

I will, against all odds, continue my lessons in scanning and posting on Etsy, learning how to use Picasa and finally; figuring out blogging. Others on Etsy have 100s of "hearts". I have 7.

People are shaking their heads, cats mock me and only the dogs are keeping their opinions to themselves because I pay them. However, I am pretty certain that I hear muffled snickering.

Again, as I don't understand "links' or whatever (I did take out books from the library on Blogging, I want you to know) my etsy site is :

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  1. I thought the kids cats were in the sunroom because of the 'viscous' Blanca?

    Anyway, I frget how long I stumbled and fell until I became comfortable with blogging at listing things on Etsy. I know I said you were computer challenged, I meant no slight. What I should have said is you're right where most of us non-computer people are when we start something new. Someone very kind on the blogs told me step by step how to link (to Illustration Friday.) If I could sit next to you (which is something we should have done before I moved away) I could take you through each step. Perhaps we can find a time to try it over the phone?

    Hang in there. Cole is as much out of his element as you are at the moment. You are a saint though!

    I love you.