Monday, January 4, 2010

About blogging; I have read so few that I feel I do not have guidelines. I think that people talk about themselves (is that selfish?) or what they have accomplished that day, week, month...Is using this modality as a journal something that is a recommended use of cyberspace? This is so foreign to me that I do not know how to find blogs from like-minded people, that would be of interest to me. Not that I want to view and coorespond with a multitude of "me"; plural. I would then really get back under the covers and stay.

In my 1st and only blog, I was thinking in terms of "dichotomy"; in this case, the struggle between work and play, so to speak. It is a challenge that most are familiar with and still wonder how others place these two necessary and distinct activities in balance.

I have read, written, talked to myself and friends, all week about the possibility of change and how I can influence those changes. Today is the day that I must act upon my own written suggestions and calmly enter the new work year and art year.

I am a pro at list making. All during the work year, I carry 2 clipboards and at least one other sheet of paper to keep my work life and chores organized. I practically carry a suitcase to my jobs. A friend who (or whom) I saw today, made it very clear, the importance of adding; what I will call, the "good bits" to those formadable lists. I did do that in my journal, but not on the list o' the week that I look at every day. I have forgotten what fun and happiness are or what they feel like. So, I suppose that big note reminding me to take blank amount of time today to do what makes me feel good, is the ticket.

I photographed a painting that I completed a few years ago, a few minutes ago, in order to possibly use part of it to display my silver jewelry on.. It is an experiment suggested by another friend. It not only reminded me that I like both my jewelry and my painting, but that I crave more of them. It is a drop in the ocean, but a beginning. And I still have 2 hours left today just for me. I wish I could remember the name of the painting; it belongs to my beautiful daughter who was depicted in it. I can almost remember how it felt to be immersed in an artistic project and the complete faith I had in it.

I am having difficulty navigating the blog set-up and friends are having a problem being able to leave comments. I do want to mention that I do have a site on for my jewelry. I have to redo the photos on it and finish photographing what I have, but please take a moment to visit at: Thank you, all, for reading.


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  1. I remember this beautiful painting! I think it was called something like "The Visit" or "The Gift?"

    I wish I could just pop over and take you through the steps of blogging and show you how to link your Etsy shop, etc. I hate how far away you are now. When I think of just how far it blows me away. Especially that neither you nor I are travellers.

    Even though I'm unemployed at the moment I don't schedule enough (or any some days) quality "ME" time. It shows physically and emotionally. I'm actually floundering without a schedule. I should be embracing every moment with a paintbrush, but I can't find the enthusiasm.

    Let's make this our year Catherine.

    I see my friend KJ stopped by. I met her on the blogs about a year ago and now we see each other in person! The blogs can be a healing place where friendships become reality.

    And yes, it's okay to make your blog 'all about you.' It's a way of journaling...and it's your blog. You're the boss ;)

    Love you and miss you,