Monday, January 11, 2010

Fears into Fruition

I have been unable to write for over a week. I feared that I had nothing of interest to convey, no extraordinary moral high ground was taken, nothing to say to a reader to make her or him feel more informed, no comfort to be given.

I began by worrying that I had not been finding a balance between career and art. I have been working on solutions and though I have not yet seen those plans through as of yet, I have kept my head above water. I have done my best by journaling as often as I can, choosing classes to participate in, opening the windows in my head to allow in images, have been separating work time from personal time and I dream and imagine.... Life shows up to guide me onto other roads some days and it can be a blessing.

I have been gifted by my daughter and her sweetheart (I will refer to them both as my kids). I have been living alone for almost 3 1/2 years and have become very accustomed to it. They moved in last autumn and I anticipated that their presence would bring me new lessons and I have been able to treasure them.

They just came home from a trip to Spain and Paris and brought me new forms of inspiration to add to another that was given me by a friend; also in book form. A big beautiful book on costuming, the print that you see on your right and postcards of a Parisian artist who turned my world upside-down!
Hours have already been spent on the computer researching her work as well as the hours I have spent figuring out how to work in paper and even more hours lying awake dreaming up hats of silver and fine wire and gauze and thread and candles and it goes on and on.

It looks like I am inspired! I normally go to sleep by 8:00 P.M.; yet I was up well past midnight; thinking, drawing and writing about ideas dancing through my head!

I wish that my words would have an impact that would make a difference to more than myself alone. But here, I can chart my new journey and in time, hope to inspire.

As I do not know where to place this addition, I will again place it right here: I am still in the process of redoing my photos on What I have on the site are difficult to view, but, if you must, please visit

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  1. Dearest C,

    I have been with you many times when the muse has come to stay with you for a while and you have been MY inspiration!! May this trend continue for you. You were/are meant to create beautiful art to be shared ;)